Reserved Space Vendors

Reserving a space is a privilege awarded to loyal vendors of the Elephant’s Trunk. This privilege allows these vendors the ability to skip the line, and enter the field upon their arrival through a special fast-pass line. They have been designated a predetermined space by the management and after entering the field are allowed to proceed directly to their space at any-time between 4:30-6:30am. We are welcoming new vendors to reserve their spaces, and if interested, you should contact us, as spaces are filling up quickly!


Reserved Dealer spaces are suspended until further notice.

Arrival after 6:30am results in forfeiture of their space for that week, and the management is instructed to fill that space with the next vendor in line. The right to “use the space” is not transferable to any other vendor.

Reserved Space Vendors that arrive between 6:30-6:55am will be allowed on the field provided there is an open space available, and they will be instructed to proceed to the open space, not to their reserved space.

Spaces can be reserved only in full Monthly increments. (April-December)

The entire month is paid in Full, and payment is due the week prior to start of the month for which the reservation is being paid. Please note the number of Sundays in the month of reservation can vary from 4-5.

Vendors who have had reserved spaces in the past will be given priority of selection, however once the vendor decides not to renew for the next month’s reservation, that space becomes available for the remainder of the season.

There are absolutely no refunds due to weather. That is the risk of being a Reserved Space Vendor. The decision to open or close due to inclement weather is at the sole discretion of Management.