Purchase Vendor Tickets

Vendors can pre-purchase tickets to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market. The advance purchase of this ticket(s) will provide vendors the assurance that they will be admitted to the field and won’t encounter the dreaded “Sold Out” field. In addition to the guaranteed access to the field, these advance tickets provide access to the EXPRESS LANE. That’s right, no more showing up at 4:30am only to wait another hour or more to get placed onto the field. This is your chance to skip the line and proceed directly to the next available space. This benefit has traditionally been offered only to reserved space dealers who are making a monthly commitment. These advanced tickets are offered on a weekly basis, however there is NO specific location guaranteed, simply the next available space. So whether you want to get on the field bright and early or sleep-in and know you still have a spot these advance tickets are perfect for you (MUST ARRIVE BY 6:30am for ticket to be valid).

Advanced Tickets are subject to all of the same terms and conditions as standard vendor admission.

Advanced Tickets are not available for purchase at the gate.

There are only 200 Advanced Tickets available for purchase each week.

ONE (1) Space per ticket. If you require multiple spaces you must purchase multiple tickets.

Vendors entering the Express lane with not enough tickets for the spaces they require will be charged $75.00 for any additional spaces.

You must have proof of purchase and the matching identification for your ticket to be valid. Please print your ticket or use E-tickets.


 $75.00 Receipt for 20’x20’ Vendor Space

  • Management not responsible for personal injury, loss or damage to goods on premises due to theft or weather.
  • Space is non-transferable between Vendors.
  • Two adults per space, Children under 10 are free.
  • No knives or guns of ANY TYPE—REAL OR FAKE Machetes, Swords, pocket knives and antique/collectibles of weapon variety fall into this category
  • No ammunition.
  • Management has the right to remove vendor or the vendor’s merchandise for any reason should the Management feel as if it does not promote the safe family-friendly environment.
  • No pornographic or inappropriate material of any type.
  • All vendors, vehicles and their merchandise must stay within their paid space.
  • One vehicle and one vendor per space.
  • Vehicles with trailers of any size and Box trucks with ramps require a minimum of two paid spaces.
  • No food or beverages are to be sold or given away by unauthorized vendors.
  • No auctioning, Loud Soliciting or barking at any time.
  • Music must not be heard outside your space.
  • Vendors are required to clean their spaces before they are allowed to leave, including all cigarette butts, other trash and debris.
  • Vendors are liable for the safety of their booths and tents. All tents and umbrellas must be anchored and secured in windy conditions.
  • It is a violation of state and federal law to sell counterfeit goods or knock-offs.
  • Vendors are liable for the merchandise they sell
  • Vendors must stay set-up and in their space until 2:00pm and have until 3:30pm to clean/pack-up and exit field.